Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Meaning: the possibility of being born - the OED says "?* Possibility of being brought forth".

Usefulness: 2 (Could be quite useful in the film industry: "Hugh Jackman's signed on, which automatically triples the enixibility.")

Logofascination: 1 (From enixus, a word to do with struggling which came to mean giving birth.  The OED takes the rather unusual step of listing enixibility as a "nonce-wd. (bombastic.)". The application of 'bombastic' to nonce-words seems to turn up only in a small patch around D and E.)

In the wild: Nope.

Degrees: 0

Connections: n/a

Which is used in: Ekskybalauron, as cited yesterday, Sir Thomas is speaking of how many great ideas he has ready to bring forth:
if a malevolent time disobstetricate not their enixibility

*That the OED resorts to question marks when it comes to Sir Thomas is rather comforting. 

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