Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fingers of God

Meaning: rays of sunlight breaking through cloud; for photos and various other names, see wikipedia on crepuscular rays.

Usefulness: 1 (you may never get to say it aloud, but from now on, you will see this effect and think of the fingers of God.)

Logofascination: 3 (I am thinking of starting a petition to call them the theodactyls, or theodactylous, along the lines of rhododactylous.)

In the wild: Bryce Courtenay, an Australian author, passed away this week. I haven't read any of his books, however 'commercially successful' (Hi, my name's Jane, and I'm a literary snob) but at some point I read something, somewhere, which quoted April Fool's Day  and described this beautiful phenomenon. This three-word phrase will make me read more of his writing one day, just to see what else might have the same staying power.

Degrees: 2

Connections: fingers - dactyl

Which is used in: G&P, Third Book, L: How the famous Pantagruelion ought to be prepared and wrought.
In some plants and herbs the resemblance or likeness hath been taken from a higher mark or object, as when we say Venus' navel, Venus' hair, Venus' tub, Jupiter's beard, Jupiter's eye, Mars' blood, the Hermodactyl or Mercury's fingers, which are all of them names of herbs, as there are a great many more of the like appellation.

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