Thursday, November 8, 2012


Meaning: fortune-telling by the breast-bone, or 'markings or bumps on the chest or breast bone'.

Usefulness: 3 (One could use it as Rabelais does, to remark on the size of someone's stomach, or to describe some of the measurements they do in gyms and doctor's rooms and things; they are supposed to be predictors of the future, one way or the other.)

Logofascination: 3

In the wild: Yes, but I don't recommend reading them. I suggest that you read up on scapulomancy instead, one of the few -mancys not mentioned in this chapter.

Degrees: 1

Connections: n/a

Which is used in: the -mancy chapter, G&P, still in the Third Book, XXV: How Panurge consulteth with Herr Trippa. 
By sternomancy, which maketh nothing for thy advantage, for thou hast an ill-proportioned stomach.

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