Thursday, January 24, 2013


Meaning: the rippling or tumbling of flowing water.

Usefulness: 2 (I thought of this as a lovely, poetic word until I discovered a quote from Charles Cotton's Burlesque upon Burlesque in the OED: "His Brains came poppling out like water."*)

Logofascination: 1 (Popple is rather pretty, and along with bubble and guggle is probably onomatopoeic. There is another, etymologically separate sense - the frequentative of pop, which applies to motorbikes, gunfire, etc)

In the wild: Popple is also the name of a toy from the 1980s, and a Christian music duo.

Degrees: 2

Connections: poppling - flowing

Which is used in: G&P, Book the Second, XXV: How Panurge, Carpalin, Eusthenes, and Epistemon, the gentlemen attendants of Pantagruel, vanquished and discomfited six hundred and threescore horsemen very cunningly. A part of their cunning plan involves pretending that they're not attacking at all, and blaming the ocean:
But Panurge said unto them, My masters, I believe that you have hurt yourselves; I pray you pardon us, for it is not our fault, but the slipperiness of the sea-water that is always flowing; we submit ourselves to your good pleasure. So said likewise his two other fellows, and Epistemon that was upon the deck.

*from a verse on the death of Hyacinthus.

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