Saturday, August 18, 2012


Meaning: implicit faith in the works or views of others

Usefulness: 1 ("Fidimplicitary, my dear Watson" or "How fidimplicitary of you, my dear Watson!")

Logofascination: 1 (automatically assigned to anything invented by Sir Thomas)

In the wild (all right, it's hardly the wild, but it is outside a book.)

Degrees: 0

Connections: n/a

Used in:  Ekskybalauron*, on the extra-ordinariness of his invented language: "insomuch as one word will hardly be believed by our fidimplicitary gown men, who, satisfied with their predecessors contrivances, and taking all things litterally, without examination, blate-rate, to the nauseating even of vulgar ears, those exotick proverbs, There is no new thing under the sun, Nihil dictum quod non dictum prius, and, Beware of philosophers; authoridating this on Paul, the first on Solomon, and the other on Terence."

*Full title: Ekskybalauron or, The discovery of a most exquisite jewel, more precious then diamonds inchased in gold, the like whereof was never seen in any age;: found in the kennel of Worcester-streets, the day after the fight, and six before the autumnal æquinox, anno 1651. Serving in this place, to frontal a vindication of the honour of Scotland, from that infamy, whereinto the rigid Presbyterian party of that nation, out of their coveteousness and ambition, most dissembledly hath involved it. 

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