Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Meaning: "in the theories of Wilhelm Reich, a supposed excess sexual energy distributed throughout the universe and available for collection, storage, and further use". (I couldn't beat Wiktionary's summary, so I've used it).

Usefulness: 2 (of city bars on a Friday night)

Logofascination: 3 (not well known, but interesting mainly for its meaning)

In the wild: Not entirely sure (I must get better at referencing) but I'd put good money on it being somewhere in Mark Leyner.

Degrees: 3

Connections: orgone - organism - organ

Used in: Organ turns up four times in Gargantua and Pantagruel, the second of which is in the Third Book, XXXVII: How Pantagruel persuaded Panurge to take counsel of a fool.  Part of Pantagruel's persuasion consists of this story regarding a fool's legal judgement: "Then with a presidential majesty holding his bauble sceptre-like in his hand, muffling his head with a hood of marten skins, each side whereof had the resemblance of an ape's face sprucified up with ears of pasted paper, and having about his neck a bucked ruff, raised, furrowed, and ridged with pointing sticks of the shape and fashion of small organ pipes, he first with all the force of his lungs coughed two or three times, and then with an audible voice pronounced this following sentence: The court declareth that the porter who ate his bread at the smoke of the roast, hath civilly paid the cook with the sound of his money." (Side note: how lovely is sprucified?)

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