Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Meaning: snowy. Bonus synonym: niveous.

Usefulness: 3 (basically a straight synonym for snowy, with extra science points; could be handy in Scrabble)

Logofascination: 2 (possibly because I've never seen snow)

In the wild: I was reading up on this when I stumbled across firnification

Degrees: 2

Connections: nival - snow

Which is used in: G&P, Third Book, XXVIII: How Friar John comforteth Panurge in the doubtful matter of cuckoldry, which should possibly be called 'attempts to comfort Panurge'.

"'By the thirst of my thropple*, friend, when snow is on the mountains, I say the head and the chin, there is not then any considerable heat to be expected in the valleys and low countries of the codpiece.'
'By the kibes** of thy heels,' quoth Panurge, 'thou dost not understand the topics. When snow is on the tops of the hills, lightning, thunder, tempest, whirlwinds, storms, hurricanes, and all the devils of hell rage in the valleys. Wouldst thou see the experience thereof, go to the territory of the Switzers and earnestly perpend with thyself there the situation of the lake of Wunderberlich, about four leagues distant from Berne, on the Syon-side of the land. Thou twittest me with my grey hairs, yet considerest not how I am of the nature of leeks, which with a white head carry a green, fresh, straight, and vigorous tail.'"

One hopes for Panurge's sake that the green there is symbolic.

*throat (bit of Scottish dialect from Sir Thomas)

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