Saturday, September 15, 2012


Meaning: fruit of the Cucurbitaceae family; they have a hard rind and lots of seeds in one space - includes melons, cucumbers, gourds, pumpkins.

Usefulness: 3 (foodie hipster points, maybe? or as a metaphor: all the brains of a pepo.)

Logofascination: 2 (I really have no idea why, though)

In the wild: in a recipe, unsurprisingly

Degrees: 2

Connections: pepo - gourds or pumpions (pumpkins) or melons

Which is used in: G&P, Third Book, VIII: Why the codpiece is held to be the chief piece of armour amongst warriors. The hard rind referred to above is used in a reasonably obvious comparison:
"As is manifestly apparent in pease, beans, fasels, pomegranates, peaches, cottons, gourds, pumpions, melons, corn, lemons, almonds, walnuts, filberts, and chestnuts; as likewise in all plants, slips, or sets whatsoever, wherein it is plainly and evidently seen, that the sperm and semence is more closely veiled, overshadowed, corroborated, and thoroughly harnessed, than any other part, portion, or parcel of the whole."

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