Saturday, September 1, 2012


Meaning: it's that dental x-ray (tomography, a particular kind of radiography involving planes, hence tomo - slice, section) where they can see all (a panorama) of your teeth an almost-straight (ortho) line. Was originally called ‘orthoradial pantomography’ which was 'shortened' to orthopantomography.

Usefulness: 3 (unless you work in dentistry or radiography, but it is an impressive sounding word)

Logofascination: 2 (there is something about all those Greek elements lined up together)

In the wild: in a radiography clinic

Degrees: 3

Connections: orthopantomography - ortho - orthogonospherical

Which is used inThe Trissotetras*: time for some maths! Orthogonosphericall is Sir Thomas' own coinage for a triangle on a sphere (think of three points on the Earth's surface) with at least one of its angles being a right angle (that's the ortho-). At least I think that's what it means: it's been a while since I did trig. There is a diagram, if that helps any...

*Full title: The trissotetras: or, a most exquisite table for resolving all manner of triangles,: whether plaine or sphericall, rectangular or obliquangular, with greater facility, then ever hitherto hath been practised: most necessary for all such as would attaine to the exact knowledge of fortification, dyaling, navigation, surveying, architecture, the art of shadowing, taking of heights, and distances, the use of both the globes, perspective, the skill of making the maps, the theory of the planets, the calculating of their motions, and of all other astronomicall computations whatsoever. Now lately invented, and perfected, explained, commented on, and with all possible brevity, and perspicuity, in the hiddest, and most re-searched mysteries, from the very first grounds of the science it selfe, proved, and convincingly demonstrated. / By Sir Thomas Urquhart of Cromartie Knight. Published for the benefit of those that are mathematically affected.

Emphasis mine to make sure you catch it: I don't know about you, but I am frequently mathematically affected. 

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