Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Meaning: from a parent or ancestor; originally of dowries from a father or other male ancestor.

Usefulness: 2 (can be used to describe family habits - my cricket addiction is profectitious; compliment babies politely - his nose is positively profectitious! - or to describe assorted mining and media dynasties. Or, of course, trustafarians.)

Logofascination: 2

In the wild: not entirely sure where I read it. It makes an appearance in Gibbon's Decline and Fall, though, regarding the three sources of funds: "The threefold distinction of profectitious, adventitious, and professional, was ascertained."

Degrees: 2

Connections: profectitious - father

Which is used in: G&P, First Book, XII: After what manner Gargantua had his name given him, and how he tippled, bibbed, and curried the can.
"The good man Grangousier, drinking and making merry with the rest, heard the horrible noise which his son had made as he entered into the light of this world, when he cried out, Some drink, some drink, some drink*; whereupon he said in French, Que grand tu as et souple le gousier! that is to say, How great and nimble a throat thou hast. Which the company hearing, said that verily the child ought to be called Gargantua; because it was the first word that after his birth his father had spoke, in imitation, and at the example of the ancient Hebrews; whereunto he condescended, and his mother was very well pleased therewith."

Gargantua's name is therefore profectitious.

*As previously mentioned, "Boire! Boire! Boire!" in French.

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